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Water Treatment

C-MEM Technology

Submerged hollow fibre micro-/ultrafiltration technology for elimination of suspended solids, algae, bacteria, virus and flocculation products. Main applications are surface and groundwater treatment and as pre-treatment before RO.

C-FILT Technology

Gravity fed continuous backwashed filtration in steel vessels for any kind of water filtration.

C-RO Technology

Reverse osmoses technology for TDS removal, seawater desalination and waste water recycling.

Waste Water Treatment

C-MEM Technology

MBR (membrane bioreactor) based on submerged hollow fibre filtration to meet the highest effluent standards in the lowest possible footprint. Reduces the requirement of internal recirculation within the MBR and requires a reduced air scour compared to other flat sheets or hollow fibre technologies.



C-TECH Technology

Cyclic activated sludge technology (advanced SBR) for biological treatment of all industrial and domestic effluents. Available references up to 600.000 m3/d including full biological nutrient removal. Smaller plants are available as container version or in circular GLS tanks. C-Tech significantly reduces the installation time and costs and can be installed in extremely small footprint. So far the technology has been implemented in 22 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas.