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Spare parts Jenbacher

Special for GE Jenbacher Gas Engines Series 6

We offer advanced and updated innovative components for GE Jenbacher Series 6 gas engines, developed by engineers of ECI.

The company ECI was established by ex-specialists of GE Jenbacher, worked in the GE Jenbacher factory for 5 up to 20 years, including R&D and Maintenance departments. The ECI’ specialists are very well familiar with all problems of GE Jenbacher engines and therefore in the process of reengineering / development such notorious problems as spark plug life time, valve sticking, knocking etc. were taken into consideration and prevented.

The design of each component has been optimized for the benefit of the engine.

  • „Drop-in“ – solution which means that each single part is compatible to the existing engine. No modification on the engine is required, just assemble these parts and enjoy the benefit.
  • Prechamber valve, spark plug sleeve and prechamber developed by ECI is the perfect package which optimizes the combustion of the engine and increases its reliability.

Blow - by Filtration System

With increasing brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) the gas engines become very sensitive for contamination of the intake system and combustion chamber. Insufficient blow-by gas filtration results in a significant reduction of the turbocharger efficiency, oil coke and ash deposits in the intercooler and combustion chamber. Serious power reduction and knocking problems are the consequences. These kind of problems are usual for a lot of gas engines, no matter which manufacturer. Therefore a blow-by gas filtration system was developed which ensures that mentioned problems do not occur.

Some of the features of this blow-by filter are:

  • Oil separation rate of 99,9%;
  • Expected filter life time of 20.000 operating hours;
  • No maintenance over the full life time;
  • High specific oil load capability which eliminates the need for an additional preseparator;
  • Compact and vibration-resistant design;
  • No thermal insulation required;
  • Compact filter design results in a perfect integration into the engine concept;
  • Simple upgrade kit, easy to assemble;
  • This blow-by filtration system significantly reduces contamination of turbochargers, intercooler and combustion chamber which obviously increases the life time of aforementioned parts but. Additionally it reduces the stress on the whole engine (e.g. less knocking) and increases the engine reliability.


Do you have any blow-by filtration problem? Just contact us, we are able to design and produce engine type and manufacturer specific so that a perfect system integration is ensured.  

Prechamber Gas Valve for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 6

This is the latest state of the art prechamber gas valve engineered and developed by ECI.

Interface dimensions of the valve remained unchanged so that it fits to all series 6 engines but the functional design has been changed. Because of that it could achieve following improvements:

  • An expected life time of 10.000 operating hours on natural gas 20 bar BMEP gas engines. On lower BMEP even higher life time can be expected.
  • Less soot production

The new design is a counter measure against the known problem of prechamber gas valve sticking (valve sticks on the valve seat because of condensation and soot).

 Prechamber Gas Valve for GE Jenbacher

Precombustion chamber for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 6

  • Latest Version of the 8-hole precombustion chamber for Jenbacher series 6 engines.
  • Different material which ensures a better head transfer resulting in longer life time of the pre-combustion chamber and even more important of the spark plug Life time expectation of 10.000 operating hours

Precombustion chamber for GE Jenbacher

Spark Plug Sleeve for GE Jenbacher Engines Series  6

Prechamber combustion has the advantage that it increases the efficiency of the engine because of an excellent ignition of the gas mixture but the disadvantage is the high temperature within the prechamber. High temperature is the driving factor for low spark plug life time, any degree Celsius less counts as it extends the spark plug life time.

This was the starting point of the development of the advanced spark plug sleeve. Another pre-condition was that the sleeve needs to be compatible with all Jenbacher series 6 engines. As result the spark plug sleeve was successfully optimized by a slightly changed design and more important by use of a different material resulting in a better cooling which prolongs spark plug life time.

Spark Plug Sleeve for GE Jenbacher Engines

Cylinder head for GE Jenbacher engines Series  6

The cylinder head is one of the most loaded engine part and has huge impact to engine performance and efficiency. We offer advanced and upgraded cylinder heads for GE Jenbacher Series 6 Engines, developed by ex-specialists of GE Jenbacher, that know in practice all possible problems of gas engines of this manufacturer. 

Some of the new features are: 

  • Cylinder head casting;
  • Optimized water channels to ensure better cooling and to avoid valve sticking / cylinder head cracking; 
  • High quality casting material to avoid cylinder head cracks; 
  • Compatible with all series 6 engines version (E / F). 

Valves, valve seats, valve guidance : 

  • Different geometry; 
  • Superior material ensuring less wear on valves and valve seats; 
  • Valve guidance material with higher thermoconductivity reducing oil coke and risk of valve sticking.
Cylinder head jenbacher

Cylinder head kit for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 2, 3, 6

  • Consists of: Valve spring cup, Outlet valve, Intake valve, Intake valve seat ring, Exhaust valve seat, Valve guide, Rotocap

  • New optimized geometry

  • Superior material ensuring less wear

Cylinder head kit for GE Jenbacher

Cylinder Head Gaskets for GE Jenbacher Series 3, 4, 6

Due to optimized surface design the load on the sealing surface in the cylinder head is minimized. Thereby the risk of cracking in the cylinder head is reduced.


Cylinder Head Gasket  Jenbacher

Cylinder Liner and Scrapper Ring for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 6, 4, 3.




Cylinder Liner and Scrapper Ring for GE Jenbacher

Spark plug for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 6

  • 20-30% extended lifetime compared to Denso 518
  • NO regapping required
  • Developed and manufactured in Austria


Spark plug Jenbacher

Spark plug connector - Repair Kit for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 6

To minimize your maintenance costs we offer the spark plug connector repair kit



Spark plug connector Jenbacher


Spark plug connector for GE Jenbacher Engines Series 3


Spark plug connector Jenbacher

If you have an interest in our spare parts, please provide us following data:

  • Original number of requestes spare parts from GEJ spare parts catalogue
  • Exact type/modell of GEJ engine
  • Number of engine

With this data we will offer you parts compatible with you engine.