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For gas engines MAN, Deutz / MWM and GE Jenbacher we offer following spare parts and components:

Industrial spark plugs:

Ignition systems:

 Ignition System Heinzmann

Ignition coils:

 Ignition coil

Ignition leads 

  • Teflon high tension leads 
  • Silicone high tension leads 
  • Ignition harnesses 

Plug and play coil rails:

  • for gas engines MAN
  • for gas engines GE Jenbacher

Oil and air filters:



Temperature sensors:

  • for gas engines Deutz 616 / MWM 2016 
  • for gas engines Deutz 604, 620 / MWM 2020 
  • for gas engines Deutz 632 / MWM 2032 
  • for gas engines GE Jenbacher 
  • for gas engines MAN 


Gas valves:

  • Gas injectors 
  • Gas filter 
  • Valve blocks 


Gas control line

Газорегулирующая магистраль

Knock detection system:


 Lambda controller:



  • HEINZMANN Actuators 
  • HEINZMANN Analogue Control Units 
  • HEINZMANN Digital Control Units 

Oil level controllers:

  • ETS,
  • Murphy
 Oil level Controller

Expansion vessels

Мембранный расширительный бак


  • Ingersoll-Rand


Engine spare parts:

  • MAN Piston Kit
  • MAN Cylinder Head Kit



 For an offer please indicate in your inquiry parts numbers, engine numbers and its manufacturer as well as precise name of required spare parts.

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