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One of strategic task for stable economy of every country is a maximum decrease of use of energy resources, first of all of natural gas. Its solution is possible through implementation of modern resource-saving technologies for production of power and thermal energy, including alternative energy sources

Using natural gas as fuel it should give consideration to cogeneration and trigeneration schemes with their efficiency of 90% and more: CHP plants.

There are following alternative fuel sources to be considered:

  • Solid biofuel (biomass), that could be available using waste wood (sawdust, wood chips, grass), and waste-product of other processes such as sunflower seed shells, rice husk etc.
  • Gaseous biofuel (biogas) produced by the process of anaerobic digestion of organic material by anaerobes,recovered from mechanical biological treatment waste processing systems.

The most economical performance can be reached by implementation of biofuel technologies seek to solve power, agrochemical and environmental tasks.

Organic waste of agricultural industry – manure of domestic animals, poultry manure, garden and wood industries waste – wood waste and biomass (bark, wood chips, forest residues, pellets, sawdust, sunflower seed shells, rice husk etc) – are considered as the most prospective permanently renewable source of organic biomass comprising substantial power and environmental potential.

As additional advantages of renewable power sources are no negative impact on environment, saving of fossil fuel, economical effectiveness.