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Lithium-ion battery storage systems of large size for Industrial application.

The main problem in the energy sector are significant drops in load in grid and uncontrolled parameter change at the consumer site.

As a possible solution we offer lithium-ion battery storage systems for a wide range of applications.

Battery storage systems are a key component for the successful transition of energy system and are capable to store energy from grid and supply it back with given values. The energy storage systems are one of the main component of smart grid that enables to control, optimize transfer, generation and consumption of energy in online mode.

Every solution will be developed according to individual requirements and packaged in container (20” or 40”). The modular structure and the comprehensive IT management system provide a container solution with nearly unlimited scaling options.

Power output and storage capacity: from 100 kW/100 kWh up to some MW/MWh

Main functions:

Limiting the power consumption from the public grid
• Proportional supply of dynamic loads from storage
• Fixed or dynamic limiting of the power consumption

Limiting the feed-in power into the public grid
• With the help of the storage, the power fed into the grid can   be limited according to a dynamic trend or by a fixed value. In this way, feed-in directives can be satisfied or personal operating strategies implemented.

Optimisation of personal consumption
• The self-produced energy is distributed over time with the aid of the storage system in such a way that the desired percentage of produced energy is directly consumed by oneself and is not fed back into the grid

• The storage serves to cover the load curve of the connected loads with the specified self-sufficiency rate from self-produced and stored energy

UPS and isolated function
• Black start capacity and network formation by the system
• Online UPS supply of consumers in the event of power failure

Grid services
• Power bank / local storage
• Frequency, voltage, power factor correction
• Primary and secondary control power

System integration
• Scalable battery systems and voltages can be determined via the number of modules connected in series
• Available as »battery string«, as »battery cluster« of multiple strings each with or without power electronics / converter
• Optional: Design support and software components