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VADO Pars Engineering

VADO is a privately owned and independent company which operates basically in Russia and Middle East countries in three main business fields: Power Industry, Automation and Water Technologies.

The company was founded in 1988 in Vienna (Austria) and since then has realized many projects in small energy sector.

We are partner to the world and European leading engineering and manufacturing companies in power, automation and environmental industries and provide technically mature and reliable solutions with focus on customized proposals.

We have carefully selected our suppliers in Austria and Europe. All customers’ inquiries are processed by local and Austrian specialists to optimize synergy between experience and qualifications of the suppliers on the one hand and the knowledge of local markets, on the other hand allows to use.

Our specialists support each project in full measure.

By means of professional consultation the company VADO attempts to find the best solution for its customers saving resources in the energy supply and in production, to promote the further industrial development on our activity's markets. 

We also offer our customers flexible financing models, taken under consideration their potential.

We support our customers not only in working out of optimal technical solution and project planning but also at supervision and commissioning to ensure the proper operation of the equipment supplied and optimize its operating life.

The after sales service including supply of spare parts for the equipment supplied is our job even after the expiry of the warranty period.

For our employees and customers we organize training courses, both on-site and at manufacturing plants, to optimize efficiency of the company, its independence and so the level of our consultation and service.